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YA horror; teens discover their rich employer is actually hunting them for sport

I know this is about a book, and this is a movie website. I posted this on goodreads about a year ago and never got an answer. I've gotten so many answers here, I thought it'd be worth a try.

I read this in the early 1990's; probably around 1995. I would put it's publication date around late 80's to early 90's.
The main character is a girl who gets puts on a double date against her will by her friend with a guy she doesn’t know. She doesn’t like him at first. The two couples play a game of tennis doubles. The main character and the guy she doesn’t like end up winning the match against her friend and boyfriend. The guy she doesn’t like tells her he had never played tennis before; he’s just athletic enough to pick it up and play well quickly.
The 4 teens end up getting jobs for some rich guy at a private island resort or something. The rich guy has an assistant named “Jorge.” Somewhere along the way, the main guy discovers a book dealing with man-made traps. As the story progresses, the teens discover that they are not here to work, but rather the rich guy and his friends are hunting them for sport. I believe the other couple (the one that lost the tennis match) end up dying. The main girl and the new guy end up growing closer and liking each other. They use the traps described in that book to turn the tables on their hunters. I remember the end of the book, the guy finds one last trap, which involves pouring explosives down the chimney and tossing a flame down. They use this method to take out the rich guy and his friends in their cabin, and they use the same book with all the traps as the thing to light on fire and throw down the chimney.
asked May 26, 2020 in Name That Book by master41 (548 points)
I searched for a while and came up empty. It seems like a young adult take on the most dangerous game, but could the hunting not be in a synopsis?
The year you read it couldn't be early 2000s, right?

Edit: party summer?
The hunting is probably not in the synopsis. That was the big reveal twist of the story. I definitely read this in the 1990s.

Appreciate the help. I read a review of Party Summer, and that appears to deal with ghosts and a haunted hotel. I dont think that's it.
The twist of party summer was that they were being hunted. The only issue is the servant wasn't named jorge and there weren't really traps, but a girl gets shot