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Snowy horror/thriller.

Date: The questioner has seen it in 2008.

Country of origin: Unknown, mostly Caucasian actors.

He didn't see the whole flick (he started at the beginning though).

I think we can't rule out that it was an episode of some series.


A young couple is traveling by car on a snowy road. The guy has shoulder length, brown hair.

There is tension between them, they argue because the visibility is very poor, the driving conditions are dangerous.

The guy says that in situations like this his uncle used to send his wife outside and she would walk in front of the car and show the way. The girl is reluctant but eventually she gets out and she starts walking in front of the car.

They are following a forest road and sometimes we get a POV shot from something that's lurking by the trees, watching them and faint breathing sounds can be heard.

The next thing is that a semi-trailer truck hits their car or maybe just both vehicles swerve off the road.. I'm not sure what happens to the woman.

The guy was unhurt, got out and checked on the driver of the semi who was lying on his back, far from his vehicle. The truck driver was an older guy who wore one of those red woodcutter shirts and he yelled at the guy that he shouldn't just stand there but call for help.

Not much later the camera panned his whole body as he was lying in the show and he was missing everything from the waist down.

Another scene I have is about a girl, could be the same girl who was riding in the car.

She is telling somebody about the strange recurring dreams she's having. Then she entered some diner and the TV there was talking about that traffic accident in the snow. The news anchor said that no bodies were found on the scene and the young couple is considered missing.

The last scene I have is simply dead bodies hanging on trees in the forest, probably naked.

It's not Wind Chill (2007), Dead of Winter (2014) or Dead End (2003).
asked Jul 14 in Name That Movie by lavina (811 points)
lavina, this one is super hard. I have not even come close to an answer, minus frozen from 2012, but that seems unlikely too. I cannot suss out a plot for this one, and most people don't write about crashes in detail....
What would they suspect would be the overall theme of the film?
We don't have much more.
He said he was about 20 minutes in when he stopped watching.
He used the word "yeti" but he's not sure what it was.