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Obscure 80s european film

I had this film on video in the 1980s and saw it once on satellite TV in the early 90s.

It's set in a mediterranean resort, possibly one of the baleric islands, there is a young couple, possibly brother and sister, who over a period of time learn various lessons in life, have some soft porn style sex, lay about topless on the beach with there friends etc. One character is an asshole playboy type, one is a transsexual (there was at least one full frontal shot), there is a scene which starts with a car driving along a clifftop road while Queen's "play the game" is played on the soundtrack. That's about all I remember. I'd like some idea as to what it is cos it's been bugging the hell out of me for years...
asked Jun 7, 2012 in Name That Movie by dmk667 (2 points)
It's gotta be THE PUSSYCAT SYNDROME with infamous European transsexual model Ajita Wilson.
That's it! Thank you so much!
You're welcome.  I'm rather curious to see it now myself.  Could you vote "Best Answer" on that response so that everyone knows you got the question solved?
Having now viewed this, I'm sad to report that this is not the Pussycat Syndrome, the film im on about has the same sort of look but is a a lot more 'beach orientated'. Also the transexual is not as major a part and is pre-op, if you know what I mean...

Thanks for your efforts anyway, your suggestion is probably worth a look if you're into bad european softcore
Are you still looking for this movie?
It's probably "Die schönen Wilden von Ibiza", which has "Play the Game" on the soundtrack.