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Woman in bikini framed for murder - what is the film??

I saw an old film ages ago, it was just on TV one day; the main character was a woman, who seemed to be in a bikini a lot and it starts with the woman walking into the house and finds a knife, she picks it up and opens the cupboard door where a dead body is there and a camera suddenly flashes. She is framed and the whole movie is about her basically.
  There's another scene where she has to woo this fat guy who is practically naked with a scarf covering his... parts.  
  In the end she realizes who the real murderer is by seeing that there is a broken pixel in all the pictures he takes - this man then tries to kill her with a harpoon.

asked Jan 29, 2014 in Name That Movie by OlieRendch (7 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
"Fathom" (1967)
starring Raquel Welch
TCM synopsis: ****LOTS OF SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!****
In Europe with a U.S. team, skydiver Fathom Harvill is approached by a Scottish colonel working for a top-secret Western agency. He's after a vital lost atomic device, and wants her to parachute into a house occupied by some Red Chinese to help get the thing back. Apart from all this there is a predatory continental doctor on his yacht to take account of. Fathom soon realises none of this is as it seems, but can she fathom the truth out?

After winning the skydiving championship in Spain, Fathom Harvill is abducted by a man named Timothy and taken to Douglas Campbell, a Scotsman who claims to be working for NATO intelligence. He enlists her aid in outwitting two teams of foreign agents who are after the "Fire Dragon," a nuclear trigger device that was lost in the Mediterranean following the crash of a bomber plane. Representing Communist China is Serapkin, an eccentric Armenian millionaire. Peter Merriweather is acting for the United States, aided by a glamorous Asian, Jo-May Soon. Fathom parachutes into Merriweather's villa and learns that the "Fire Dragon" is a priceless jeweled figurine stolen from a Peking museum by a Korean War deserter who is being pursued by a private detective. Although she now realizes that Merriweather and Campbell are the deserter and the private eye, she cannot determine which is which. Following an encounter with a bull in an empty arena, a harpoon attack from a hotel owner, and two knife attacks by Serapkin, Fathom discovers the "Fire Dragon" hidden in her makeup case. She decides that Campbell is the real detective and leaves with him and Timothy in their plane. Once in the air, however, the two men grab the figurine and try to force Fathom out of the plane. Merriweather arrives in his own plane and shoots Campbell as Timothy falls out of the hatchway. Using the plane's radio, Fathom makes a dinner date with Merriweather and then tosses the "Fire Dragon" out of a window; Jo-May, the only honest person involved, retrieves it.
answered Jan 30, 2014 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Jan 30, 2014 by OlieRendch
Thanks for that; it was the right one. :)
You're welcome. Fox Movie Channel airs this from time to time, very much a product of the spy-crazy time. Thank you for Best Answer!