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Looking for a french movie from the mid 90's

I m looking for a romantic french movie from the (estimated) mid 90's. I saw it on a German/French TV Channel called ARTE.

The movie is about a young man who falls in love with this girl - a dancer/circus performer/actor or similar. She is not interested in him (has a different boyfriend I believe).

During the movie he tries to convince her of his love with all sorts of romantic gestures e.g. a journey (train) to what I believe was a movie set where they danced waltz within the set of a ball hall.

At some point the girl tries to rent an apartment but does not have enough money for it. The boy decides to rent the apartment next to it and puts in a one way mirror to be able to see into the girls place. Then he makes a deal with the owner to pay part of the rent, of course without the girl knowing.

One day they are on the phone and he accidentally mentions her being in the bathtub, although she did not mention this during the previous conversation. In this moment he has to admit that he can see her all through the apartment.

I do not remember the ending of the movie, however I m sure it was a happy end.
asked Feb 24, 2014 in Name That Movie by HannaZ (1 point)

1 Answer

answered Jun 23, 2016 by pori (661 points)
I can not thank you enough for giving me the answer. I have been on a quest to find this movie for 20 years. Only last weekend I was talking about it with a friend and I said that if I died I would not be able to pass on to the afterlife but haunt the world of the living until I find this movie! Take my eternal gratitude