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Old heist-comedy movie with a scene with merry go round gondolas sailing in a sewer

This movie impressed me when i was a kid, i remember two scenes very clearly:

- Thieves sailing in a sewer using merry go round gondolas
- Initial scene with a couple of thieves kissing themshelves meanwhile a notes wad is wasted in a drain

Movie was filmed probably in the 50s or 60s decade. Comedy.
asked Apr 14, 2014 in Name That Movie by agarsan (9 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
"Who's Minding the Mint? (1967)"

One my favorites as a kid and have seen a few times since. One of those great comedies few people have seen, fantastic cast.

Harry Lucas (Jim Hutton) works at the U.S. Mint in Washington, D.C. He has an admirer in sweet co-worker Verna Baxter (Dorothy Provine), who tries to woo him by giving him home-cooked (but nearly inedible) fudge. Lucas accidentally brushes $50,000 in currency into the bag with the fudge, and walks out with it. Before he realizes his mistake, he disposes of the fudge, simultaneously destroying the currency, and an audit is planned at the mint shortly.

In desperation, he finds someone who will help him get into the mint after hours and print up replacement currency, but learns that he will eventually need a group of people (a safecracker, a person to navigate entry through the sewer, etc.) to realistically pull it off. He finds those willing to help him on the condition that he'll print them a million dollars apiece. The time for the operation is moved up unexpectedly, forcing the group to go in immediately, not completely prepared - and dressed as they are. As the caper unfolds, few things go according to plan.
answered Apr 23, 2014 by SERSF (37 points)
selected Apr 24, 2014 by agarsan
Hi Serf, you can't imagine how many hours or days I've been trying to remember the name of this movie and searching it on the net. This film made a profound  impression on me when I was a very little kid and It became and obsession to watch it again last years.  Gotit now and i feel so happy!!! Good tast Serf!!

Millions of thanks
I'm with you all the way, made an impression on me as a kid too. I remember getting giddy with excitement when it was on TCM a several years back and had to watch it.