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Monster movie

Saw this on TV in the mid-90s, but i was 6 or 7, so I only remember two scenes. In the 1st scene, some families are outdoors having a picnic or a party; a little girl is playing with a ball, and it rolls away from her. She follows, and it appears the ball has dropped down a hole in the ground but it is given back to her by the monster (which isn't shown). The second scene is at the end, where a guy is hunting  the monster in what looked like a factory, or a warehouse. The guy may have been wearing a biohazard suit. I remember the monster had brown, glistening skin and appeared to be a humanoid figure, but I'm not sure.

The movie was probably from the 80s, but could be early 90s or even 70s (it was color). Would really appreciate any suggestions, thanks.
asked Aug 23, 2012 in Name That Movie by iamapizza (1 point)
No, I'm 99% certain it wasnt CHUD and it definitely wasn't IT
I believe the movie you're looking for is Troll. Sorry I'm a few years late. I really hope you get this.
Wow, I'd long forgotten about this post! Sorry, but it's not Troll. The scene at the beginning (the girl going after the ball) is similar to what I described, but it's not at all how i remember it (in my memory, the scene was outdoors, and i think the girl was younger, more like a toddler). In any case, while I can only recall 2 bits from the movie, I'm quite positive that the overall vibe was very much sci-fi/horror (no fantasy or comedy elements). I think the closest suggestion I've had over the years was The Incredible Melting Man. It''s a sucky 70s flick that was featured on MST3K, but it does contain a slimy humanoid, and the ending takes place in a power station (or a similar sort of building). Unfortunately, it doesn't have the scene involving a kid looking for a ball (though who knows, I might have missed it, or perhaps I saw a shortened version).
Thanks anyway!
Awww man, what a bummer. Sorry that wasn't the right film. I watch a lot of Horror flicks, especially obscure ones. So I'll keep your movie mystery in mind. i'm sure one day you'll get the right answer.