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Song & Dance at end of Movie...Near a fountain?

Saw it on a DVD and the last 5 minutes are stuck in my head.  The movie ends in a open-air, downtown area with lots of concrete...maybe a fountain.  There might be water (a river) behind everybody.  Some secondary characters have been talking throughout the movie about performing but surely they can't be serious/capable.  SURPRISE!!! the end of the movie there is a big choreographed musical production with the secondary characters outside in the downtown area.  After one number a final major character I didn't expect to see comes out from behind a building on the left side of the screen and joins the performance.

Or it's possible that the movie builds to this performance and characters that were eliminated come back at the very end.  I remember enjoying seeing everyone perform.

What stuck in my mind was a great musical number and the setting:  open concrete area between buildings.
asked Jun 7, 2014 in Name That Movie by ArdentGuy (52 points)
reopened Aug 12, 2015 by NameThatMovie
All right.  Ashamed to say that most of my memories of this scene were wrong.  (Hey!  I'm old now!).  Not a lot of concrete.  No water behind the performance.  No (or minimal) choreography.  Surprise character did not come in from the left.  Only one number performed and the surprise character is shown 38 seconds into the song.  I did get one thing right:    it was indeed secondary characters who did the song.

What I was remembering (but not very well) was a performance of "The Rainbow Connection" by the Tone Rangers from the movie "The Break-Up" (2006).  (This scene was actually not in the movie.  It was either a deleted scene or an alternate ending on the DVD.)  Here's the song:

How did I find it after 7-8 years?  I thought the movie may have taken place in Chicago and called up on IMDB a list of all movies made in Chicago.  Seeing the title "The Break-Up" stirred a memory.  When I saw the director was Payton Reed, more memory cells kicked in.  I knew it was the right movie.....that no one could have guessed from my rotten memories.

I've been trying to remember this performance for the last four (4) years!  Finally nailed it!!!
If there are any website moderators out there, please mark this question as "answered".  I don't want to do it myself because I don't want 5-point credit for answering my own badly posed question.  No one could have answered what I was trying to remember based on the incorrect clues I provided.

Please leave the question open for additional comments...but mark it "answered."

Thank you!

1 Answer

answered Nov 17, 2016 by sancho (106 points)