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Need Movie Help - Smart teen turns bad, makes fun of fat bff....

I saw a part of a movie within the last month or so.  I think it was probably a Lifetime movie but am not 100% sure.  I've had no luck searching the LMN movie list.  I can't remember much about it but here goes:

I think the main girl is Hispanic.  I remember her as brunette and petite.  She is very smart and dresses conservatively.  She has a heavy set best friend who is also conservative.  Smart girl's mother goes out and parties a lot, leaving the girl to be the responsible one taking care of the house, etc.  I think the heavy set girl's parents have money but am not 100% sure on this.  The smart girl starts acting out, changing her clothes and the way she wears her hair so she can hang with the bad girl's group at school.  There's also a cute boy she likes.  He has a reputation of deflowering girls and the smart girl decides he is going to be the one she will give her virginity to.   There's a scene at a party where she goes upstairs with him and they start to get undressed then she can't go thru with it... she runs out in her bra/panties I think, and the other kids see her and make fun of her.

I can't remember any of the actors in the film though I believe the partying mother is a fairly recognizable actress as was the school teacher who was the one noticing the smart girl's grades are going down and showing concern for her.

Another important thing is the smart girl "pretends to" make fun of her heavy best friend while she's hanging out with the bad girls but the heavy friend feels she crossed the line and wants nothing to do with her.

I can't think of anything more.  So many teen movies run together in my mind and I can't for the life of me remember any of the actors in it, I'm sorry.  I would welcome any help!

asked Jul 9, 2014 in Name That Movie by moviebuff1971 (1 point)

1 Answer

Girl In Progress

Eva Mendes is the mom and Cierra Ramirez is the daughter

As single mom Grace juggles work, bills, and her affair with a married doctor, her daughter, Ansiedad, plots a shortcut to adulthood after finding inspiration in the coming-of-age stories she's reading for school.

answered Sep 17, 2015 by cherry (6 points)