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This really fun computer game that I forgot the name of...

Anyone know this game:?

It's where this silver car which you are controlling is going on the high-way and you are trying to get as far as possible avoiding crashing into other cars (you are going faster than the rest) and enemy cars (maybe black colour?) try to shoot you (?). Sometimes this truck goes past which you can go into and it fills you up with weapons. I remember this game to be really fun but maybe I was just really bored and so anything was fun :) BTW, the game is in birds-eye view.

Also, when the game is starting there is this white background with the name of the game written across it.

Thanks !! :)
asked Jul 11, 2014 in Name That Video Game by MJK (12 points)
I know it is "Spy Hunter" but which incarnation on pc you played, I am not sure. There are several sequels to the arcade original. The title screen you describe is the key to figuring out which one it was.  Being the car you describe is silver, I think you played the pc release of a few years ago, but the car is more white than silver. I hope that helps.
I looked at the pictures of the game online but I don't think it's the one. In the game I remember there were 4 lanes always and the graphics were pretty high. The game was 2 dimensional but high quality. Sometimes the highway split and I had to choose which way to go. On one of them I would die since it was a bridge and they were doing some repairs or something so I would fall off (I couldn't stop). There were also bridges and changes of scenery such as plains, desert, etc. The startup was a white background and a quite long name written across it in white and outlined in blue so we could see what it says. I'm not sure though.

I was playing it about 7 years ago.

Could it be Imminent Crash?
It could be Freeway Fury 2 but there you can jump from car to car! It's a pretty good game
Sorry its not the one :)
I found it!! its highway pursuit 1 :) all it took was a google images search. thank you for all your answers :) !
I submit this as the official answer to clear it from the unanswered list. If you want your points, just submit it as an answer again.

1 Answer

"Highway Pursuit 1"

Found by the questioner.
answered Jun 16, 2017 by casspir (18,801 points)