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Real Feedback/Suggestions [closed]

First off, let me say I love this place. The experts are killer, and most people follow up on their questions, which is much appreciated.  That being said, here is some things that I think would be great to see as additions to the site.

1. We need a button, in the posts, or next to our username, to be able to click it (w/ link to direct post), that would say we think this specific expert could possibly help. It could email them, letting them know someone needs their assistance with a question. It could  bring some of the old experts, that haven't been here in a while, back, helping our community to further flourish.

2. We need a video, or detailed instructions, on how to better use [keywords, operands, etc.]  google, imdb, etc. to find the movies we are helping to answer on, that we may not have actually seen. We also need a list of good places to search, and possibly other movie(music, game, etc.) sites to ask on, to give them more of a shot to get their film found. I do not know if, as a site, officially, it is ok to mention those sites, but we can at least mention them as users, when necessary. We can build an even bigger, connected, community; we all love entertainment, and look forward to helping people find the answers they seek.

3. Daily review of posts to remove spam, so people do not get discouraged to post here, and so their questions do not get lost in the muck.

Thanks for everything.

closed with the note: Further discussion not constructive.
asked Aug 22, 2014 in Feedback & Suggestions by VHS_Lives (10,752 points)
closed Oct 27, 2014 by NameThatMovie

1 Answer

1. An interesting idea, but may not be practical. One option now is that when you visit a user's page you can favorite them. In addition, we might possibly consider allowing PM between users. However, this may have more negative than positive effects for experts, who likely prefer to come on in their free time, not receive nag messages from people needing their help.

2. This site actually originated from this article ( because of the clear and obvious need for a community like this. You can find some useful research tips there.

3. Yes, we're definitely aware of the issue (which was much worse than usual in the past few weeks). This issue is being addressed here:

Thank you.
answered Aug 23, 2014 by NameThatMovie (305 points)
Why not allow PMs to those who have asked questions? For instance, I've answered two questions and the askers have yet to respond. It would be nice to send them a message and have the system relay that message to their email.

Also, if anybody has objections to being contacted in such a manner, there should be an option in their control panel to blacklist or reject such communications altogether.
This is precisely what we want to avoid, nag messages. Whether optional or not, no matter how polite, no one wants to receive nag messages, whether it's a questioner nagging an expert:

"Hey, so did you have a chance to figure out what movie it is yet?"

or expert nagging a questioner:

"Hey, so did I answer your question correctly? If so, please select my answer as the best."

It is without a doubt unfortunate that not everyone is courteous, but that is a basic fact of human nature, but it is to be expected and there's really no graceful way to address the problem.

Other than the preamble placed on, much else is a lost cause and not a behavior we want to promote.

Again, no matter how good-intentioned private messages might be, it opens things up for potential abuse from others without the best of intentions.

The best way to look at it is to enjoy answering questions for fun, to the benefit of the community and while you can't always expect appreciation from everyone, know that we appreciate you, other experts appreciate you and many of those who ask also appreciate you.

And remember, even if the specific person that asks the question gets their answer and is never heard from again shows no appreciation, that doesn't mean that it doesn't also help others who might have the same question and find the answer.

Thank you.
I'm not sure what you mean. Every forum I've been on allows the user to select whether or not they want to receive ANY messages, some of them even from the moderators and admin. It's totally optional when they set up their account and at any point thereafter. It seems to be a common feature of such software. Anyone who didn't want "nag messages" simply would have no problem not receiving any. Even if you didn't know you didn't like "nag messages," until you received some, the problem is solved with the click of a button.

And about campaigning for the best answer? Really? Is that really a problem? Are you paying people who end up with the best answer? I didn't think so. That's the only way I can see it becoming the problem you describe. Nobody's making any money of best answer status.

But it's just a suggestion so... whatever.
This is not a forum (in terms of what's commonly regarded as a typical internet forum).

Also, again, want to be clear, it doesn't matter if receiving private message nags regarding questions is optional or not, we don't want to promote this kind of behavior/option/ability in the community regardless.

"Nobody's making any money of best answer status." - That's exactly right, hence why it's not important whether you receive a Best Answer or not, hence no reason to bug questioners for one.

If you're helping out by answering questions in the community you should be doing so altruistically and/or for fun or out of genuine interest and expect nothing in return, because there is indeed no promise of compensation or appreciation.

Many of our top experts ( understand this.

Receiving points, Best Answers, appreciation for helping others should be considered a bonus only, certainly it's encouraged, but not mandatory.

We certainly hope for and promote those that ask questions to be courteous, but we will not be enabling a Private Messaging feature for this purpose or otherwise at this time.

Thank you for your suggestion and for helping out on NameThatMovie. We've provided a thoughtful and highly detailed response to your suggestion that will hopefully be satisfactory.

Closing this question.