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Late 80s 90s movie that has a group of kids/teens in an abandoned house trapped with spider-like cap bottle colored gold, possibly not a horror movie. They try to make an escape from the house and face several obstacles.

One event is that they made a magic circle although the movie has no supernatural powers in it. I remember that they got into the house through an underground tunnel or something. What I really remember is that they come across to a bottle with a spider-like cap colored gold and I thing that was the one guiding them through the house or it was the one who trapped them in  the first place. The genre, although I don't think that it's exact, are somewhat mystery and adventure.

I really can't remember the other details as to if it has famous actors or whatnot. Hope that anyone here can help me name this movie. Thanks in advance.
asked Sep 12, 2014 in Name That Movie by JayBlaze (2 points)
Was it live action, and american? Where did you see it? When you say bottle cap, like a bottle with a gold spider insignia on the cap, or a golden cap with a spider, etc.?
yes live action but I'm not sure if it's american but they speak English as I remember it from about 15-18 years ago. The bottle cap is like a spider although the head is above the body and is shaped like a cork with a human face on it. I really cannot recall most of it though but I do know that it was attached to a bottle for sometime in the beginning then became alive as they journey inside the house/building.

I saw it on TV about from a local station here in my country but I am pretty sure it was on a VHS because when I had the time to visit that station [same year after I saw the movie], it has a wide collection of VHS tapes and all that station has been broadcasting are movies
Please update on this movie on anyone who knows about it. Appreciate the help!
I have not had time to dig. I have to use imdb and look through all the family movies from those decades. It may take me awhile, because nothing else provided the answer so far.
Thinking about this now, was it a genie of some sort, or something they released?
Ok bud, still on the trail. I started thinking, could it be a spirit or genie in a bottle? Malevolent, perhaps? Are we sure it was a house? Are we sure they did not dig up the bottle (in sand,ground,water,etc.?)? Has anything else come to memory(names,town,phrases?)? There were no pirates, right? Are we sure it was not a tv episode? If you can help, I am still here.

Not sure if there was a genie in the bottle but I am pretty sure with the talking bottle cap that looks like a cork with 8 spider legs.

Either a house or a building but definitely abandoned.

No pirates on this one and I can't remember some information regarding the location. All I can recall are clips from that movie.

Not quite sure on how they found the bottle but I recall that they found it while entering the house through a tunnel.

Another event that may help is that when they entered the tunnel into the house/building, they are running away from some cop or whatnot because they did a prank on someone.

I'm thinking it was not just a TV episode because the show had run more than an hour or so.

Hope this information helps...
Thanks for replying buddy. I have looked and looked, and looked, but even with these latest developments, I can not find anything. It will probably be someone who has seen it, that can solve it. You should probably add your question to yahoo answers movies, what's that movie, and all the other movie question sites, to get the best chance of an answer. I will keep digging on it, from time to time, when I can think of a new way to search. Someone here may end up knowing the answer, but I do not know if/when that would occur. I have a section of folks I will reach out to. Family movie experts might be useful here. You can search for some on google. Please let me know if someone gets the answer, as I would love to know. I would give all the information you can remember to these sites, for best results. Sorry I could not find it yet.


Hey bud, back on this case. Found a new way to search. :) Let me start here (I am searching english feature movies from 85-00.....I have gone through 450 of nearly 1000....this will be done for mystery, fantasy, and family too. Then I will have to do tv movies for each of those genres, and then 85 back to 70, for each part, if still not found. Would you help me look, if I showed you how?)

Jay, there are two other folks looking for this same movie now. If you would, could you check and see if their memories bring anything to mind?

1 Answer

"Demon in the Bottle"

Full movie is on Youtube:
At 0:22:05 the spider-like bottle cap can be seen.

This should be your movie. User Chlorine found /answered it here:
answered Feb 12, 2015 by casspir (18,581 points)