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Boy sells his blood to buy his sister a replacement heart

I'm looking for an animated film. From what I remember of the plot, it's a post-apocalyptic type of setting where some sort of disease is going around in everybody's blood and for some reason the protagonist is not infected so he sells his blood for transfusions so he can get a replacement heart for his sister. The movie has a lot of action in it, I don't remember much of it now but one of the supporting characters is a girl with pink hair who may or may not be a prostitute, with a katana that saves the boy from pursuers. Another thing about the pink hair girl is that near the end of the movie, she gets captured and gets tortured. She gets her face all cut up so she ends up covering her face with a tattoo/face paint that looks like Kabuki make up (Kumadori).
the movie basically is set up for a sequel but i don't know if there was a sequel made.

Thank you in advance.
asked Sep 14, 2014 in Name That Movie by Valcryst (16 points)
If you want to look, this site has a lot of these tropes for the ill girl in anime/manga. We will keep on the case too, but this may help you faster. Please let us know of it helps.
I checked the whole list and I didn't see it and I'm pretty sure it's not considered an anime. It's american made i believe or at least they all spoke english in such a way that it does not seem dubbed at all. I found the movie around 2009 if that helps. But thanks for the input, i'll keep looking myself.

1 Answer

Best answer
I found it, it's called Godkiller: Walk Among Us

it's an "illustrated film" apparently... and is based on a comic.
answered Oct 2, 2014 by Valcryst (16 points)
Good job. I am so sorry I could not find it for you. How did you come across it?

i just kept searching various combinations of the keywords.... And i thought to add manga and comic to the search... The comic one did the trick