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The Oldest Unanswered Questions Still Need to be Answered

Attn Experts:

Even the oldest unanswered questions (, despite the person who originally asked possibly being long gone, still need to be answered.

Why? Because answering questions is never just about helping that one person, but also increasing the wealth of knowledge in our community AND answering the question for all the other people that might come across the question later on from Google looking for the same movie.

Thank you.
asked Sep 14, 2014 in Feedback & Suggestions by NameThatMovie (305 points)
I have recently managed to answer some very old questions...:)
Excellent, thank you. Figured they weren't impossible to answer, just might have been that people assume there's no reason to answer them after X amount of time.

Indeed, there is never an expiration date on any question.
I always read the old questions, at least in movies/TV. I frequently reread questions, just in case I've seen movies in the meantime. Or, sometimes the details make more sense; something clicks, and I'll suddenly recognize it.

I'll bet a lot of answerers do the same thing.
I have been doing some old asian horror questions lately, but it is true that I make sure they are still looking for it. I will just answer them anyway, now that you made me realize others look for the same answers, sometimes.

Seems that I'm the first one to answer a question in the Name that Adult category. But some descriptions include links I would not dare to open.
Thanks everyone.
Hey NTM, is there any way to get some new unanswered selections to show: no answer with comments, no answer selected with any comments, no answer selected with any comments after time of answer? I struggle digging through the pages of unanswered, because I get overwhelmed with the amount sometimes. Near the time I signed up, I dug through all no answer only questions, and solved the ones I knew; I never got to the no answer selected until now. I realize that some were just never starred, and some were not answered correctly; I would like to be able to differentiate those.

Also, would there be a place for me, and other answer searching experts, to write our search tips/style for all to see, so they can help search too? I have had to search a ton of the answers I have given, and gotten right, and I know how I do it could be beneficial to others if they could learn from us, and others.

Thanks for everything. You guys rule.

1. To the first part, all good ideas, but we don't have the means to implement such a feature at this time.

2. Created a new category just for this purpose:

3. Also, just added the following notes/improvements that will be helpful to experts or those that wish to become experts:

Thank you.
Hey NTM, that helps a lot, thanks. For now, I may be able to utilize expert hq to help us have a list of the types I was talking about, for old questions. I love the tips and tricks section; is it ok to link to that hadaway page in there you all provided earlier? Could we make the tips/tricks either a sticky post, or a new tab,for all the folks (new especially) who may not know to look on the side categories? Thanks again.

Two new tabs added.

Absolutely, reference any help materials you think will benefit the community.

The community relies on volunteers like yourself to enrich the experience for everyone.

Thank you.

1 Answer

Clear — Does not require an answer. Removing from unanswered list.

answered Sep 1, 2015 by NameThatMovie (305 points)