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Comedy-british- film about five men (i think) that save a bar from selling

It's an english or british movie way before 1998. I remember being of european origin because of the accent and the lifestyle was very different from the USA

The film was about five I men if i remember correctly that used to get in all kinds of trouble.

I remember some very specific scenes about it for example the following:

1) At some point in the beginning of the film these men like to imitate a very strong man who liked to kick trash cans into garbage trucks so there was this scene where the protagonists were following him, the strong man kicks the trash cans succesfully in to the truck and so they want to do it too but instead of throwing the trash can, it was so heavy that hey hurt themselves

2)At some point in the movie, they rub a storage facility dressed in santa clauses?

3)They used to hang out a lot in a bar where they knew the bartender pretty well so at some point:

4) The bartender has to sell the bar so they make an auction, and these guys tie a rope to some sleeping man arm and every time the auction asks for offers, they lift the man's arm using the rope, the man never wakes up until at some point the rope gets stuck and so all 5 men try to lift the rope at the same time and at the last offer they somehow unstuck the rope but they pulled so hard that the sleeping man gets lifted up in the air and thats when he wakes up flying in the air.

5) The movie ends with all men getting the bar back

Any ideas? It's been a long time since I saw this movie it must be a lot older than 1998 because I saw it on cable television but i remember enjoying it a lot.
asked Sep 22, 2014 in Name That Movie by arongkatz (1 point)
I dug imdb using the keyword pub, and saw nothing yet, but I realized I missed a couple of the results that were tagged differently. Are we sure it was called a bar, not pub, or even a club? Can you remember the name of the bar, any characters, actors, etc.? Was saving the bar the main plot?
Can you remember the name of the bar, any characters, actors, etc.? Was saving the bar the main plot?