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possibly teen movie from 1990-2005

I saw this movie around 1998-2002, I don't remember much.

So the scene I remember is:

A boy and a girl goes into a toilet (maybe in school, not sure) to make love - it's not porn btw, just a teen movie if I remember well :D So they start to do it. Some other guys come into the toilet (I guess schoolmates). The boy have to cover the girl's mouth with his hand, because she's making too much noise and he's afraid they will get caught by the other guys.

And the ending scene of the movie: they're making love in a bed, in one of their parents house if I'm correct.

Hope you can help.

Thanks in forward,

asked Sep 26, 2014 in Name That Movie by Sarah90 (1 point)
This should be trackable. It was american? Did you see it on vhs? Can you remember any names of characters, towns, or the plot? This was not the conventional teen sex comedy, right?
Well I live in Hungary, and I saw it on TV, but I'm pretty sure it was an american movie.
Unfortunately I was very young so I don't remember anything else. I've spent hours searching for it, no luck. Maybe it was from the 80's.
I don't know about that conventional something :o
I just meant, was it like the other teen sex comedies out there, like American Pie, or Porky's, Screwballs, etc.? I am not sure of the specific film, as it is not ringing a bell, but if this is the type of film, there are a ton of lists I can provide you with, which, I hope, when you see it, you will know it is the film. Covers can provide a good memory jog.
Ah I see. No, I'm sure it wasn't a teen sex comedy.
It was more serious. I think it was about their first sex experience.
I do apologize, this one is going to take some different searches for me to find. It might be faster to take the question to yahoo movies answers, as well as what's that movie, and other forgotten movie sites. I am still going to be on the hunt, but I have to look a whole different way, and someone over there may know it off the top of their head.

Thank you for your help :)
I'll try every possibility.
Only movie I can think of is: "Porky's"

1982 but set in 1954. Girl gets turned on my the smell of the boys locker room, when they start making love she howls like a dog. So he stuffs a pair of socks in her mouth to shut her up... LMAO