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A TV show about a woman with some kind of powers resulting from experiment

I remember only an episode from that tv show, i know that the main character lives with a friend. A policeman (as i understood from that episode) comes very often to her house. When her friend asks her why is she good with the policeman (because it's obvious he's a jerk but she always keeps making coffee for him) she smiles and tells her she spits every time in his coffee.
The main idea is that she has some kind of powers/abilities and because of that she doesn't considers her as a woman(maybe smth worse, some kind of monster), i remember that she tried once to explain her friend why she needs pills (she always has them, it is a side effect of the experiments that gave her these abilities) and she told her that she's not like the other women but the friend laughed and said something like that: aren't we all?
In that episode her friend thought that she has problems with drugs, so she washed them in the toilet. When she tells that to her, she is scared, because without the pills she might die. She is all shivering and goes to an asian(if i remember correctly) and tries to ask for more (apparently she always buys the pills from that person), that person said she already bought all the pills and at the moment there are none. She then tries to substitute the pills, i remember she goes to jail with a friend for something, and while behind the bars she is worse than was, she tells her friend (a man, not the one she lives with) that she needs milk, because it contains some amount of smth that those pills have. That friend had a policeman friend and asked him for milk and the main character drinks it and is shocked a little by the fact that the milk is warm, the friend explained it by with the fact that the policeman is a good friend.
I don't remember the whole point of the tv show, but i had an impression that she is defending the town with her abilities but the side effects of the experiment gives her a hard time .
Also if i'm not mistaken she has a friend that knows about these abilities.
asked Sep 30, 2014 in Name That TV Show by CristinaTengwar (70 points)
edited Sep 30, 2014 by CristinaTengwar
Can you tell me when you saw it? Was it american? Did you see it on tv or dvd?

1 Answer

Best answer
"Dark Angel" starring Jessica Alba it's a tv show that ran for two seasons around 2000. It's about a genetically engineered women who had escaped along with other genetically engineered kids when she was younger. In a dystopian future where all the computers have crashed resulting in all the worlds wealth that was stored on computers being wiped clean.
answered Oct 21, 2014 by Jdismyhero (98 points)
selected Aug 31, 2016 by CristinaTengwar
The episode that you describe is from season one and I believe it is episode 3. I think it's called "flushed"