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mid 80s film with plane crashed in jungle

I'd say it was film from mid 80s maybe early 90s ...Plane crashed in jungle and tribesmen captured blonde woman and tied her.....Man who survived the crash was planning to rescue her but before he get to her....some kind of shaman or leader raped her from behind. It was kinda trash movie I guess and the thing I mostly remember are hers nipples.....That won't help I guess I'm sorry.....but they were pretty good
asked Oct 12, 2014 in Name That Movie by dococ (1 point)
Was it a cannibal flick? American?

Edit: Maybe it is "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley" ?
American yes, Not sure about cannibals. Pretty sure there was no dinosaurs :D
I do not mean to be a bother, but did you get to see the summary and write ups of that massacre in dinosaur valley? From what I read, they were no dinosaurs, and a plane full of supermodels (and a guy) who crashed their plane in the amazon.

Could this be only an american film?
There are no dinosaurs in the movie "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley". There are two young women, a tribe captures them, they tie them, there is a shaman type guy (or chieftain) who, I think, wants to make some sort of sacrificial ritual with the two girls. They strip the girls, there is nudity, hairy pussies, boobs, but the shaman guy does not rape the two girls. The other guy, survivor of the plane crash, rescues the girls. Later in the movie, near the end, they encounter a white man and his men (and women), this guy kills one of the girls, and makes sex with the other girl against her will, but he doesn't fuck her from behind. So, a lot of details match, but there is no raping from behind in the movie.
I am correcting myself here. I have just realized that I watched the 85-minute cut version of "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley". There is a 88 min unrated version which may have the rape from behind scene. So, with all the other details that match, the longer, unrated version could very well be the movie the questioner is looking for.

2 Answers

did you ever find the name of this movie?

I know the one you mean but I have been wondering about it too.
It's not Dinosaur Valley.

from memory, it is a little like 'King Solomans Mines'
The girl is kidnapped and tied to a log in the native (pygmy?) chiefs hut, she is taken from behind by the natives.

she is rescued but the 'Allan Quatermaine' type lead actor.
answered May 16, 2017 by AndyC (5 points)
"The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck"(1988)?

It has an Indiana Jones type adventurer, a blonde woman getting raped by a jungle native, and she has good breasts like you said because she's played by a former Playboy playmate. I haven't actually seen it so I don't know if she's raped from behind or not. Here is the IMDb listing.
answered May 16, 2017 by Cinemanster (1,771 points)