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An old native teaches a young stuntman about reality and magic?

I saw the movie on TV when I was a kid, that's like at least 15 years ago.
The setting of the movie was western.
There was this carnval thing going on. A boy as an escapist tries to do a trick escaping from a box, but things go wrong.
The boy meets with this old native american guy and befriends him.
The old native american teaches the boy about reality and magic and senses and stuff.
The old native american does some magic, like snapping his fingers and whole village appear in the middle of the desert, he does that to teach the boy about his senses, I believe.
The old native american gives the boy a necklace as a gift.

The movie ends with the boy, now a man, telling the story. He is told that after things went wrong with his escape from the box stunt, he was in coma and there was no magical native american old man. He says that he is not sure, since he already has the necklace.
asked Oct 18, 2014 in Name That Movie by Dusteon (1 point)
Could it be "Young Harry Houdini"? There is not much written about this part of the film, due to people thinking things are spoilers, but, deep in tvtropes, I found something about it.

"The Disney live-action TV movie Young Harry Houdini: While young Houdini tries to escape a locked box as part of an act, some hostile thugs throw the box off of a cliff to prove the act is fake. Houdini appears unharmed at the cliff's edge, whereupon the magic show's resident (supposedly mute) Magical Native Americaninforms him he possesses magic powers. At the film's end, Houdini wakes up convalescing in bed, having been in a coma for weeks after being thrown down the cliff, and the native man is revealed to be mute because his tongue was cut out."
Thank you! That's the movie I was looking for! I was able to find a download link as well. I downloaded the movie and I will watch it right away!!
If anyone is interested, and if it is allowed, here's the blog where the download links are available:

One of the best movies ever made! My childhood memories and nostalgia with that movie is outstanding.

Thank you, sir! You are awesome and I appreciate your help  :)

1 Answer

"Young Harry Houdini"

I hope you enjoyed seeing it again. I just have to put this here for official use. If you need anything else, please let us know.
answered Nov 9, 2014 by VHS_Lives (11,063 points)