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B&W movie or TV, archaeologists find tomb with large bug mummy, guy goes insane, sees and feels ghosts of ancient intelligent insect hordes (aliens?)

I saw the end of it on TV in the early 80's. I dont know if it was a movie or an episode of twilight zone or similar. It starts with a mystery of a mummified huge bug in a tomb and one of the archaeologists begins hallucinating.  Ends with a dramatic sweeping scene of millions of bugs swarming across ancient fields.  They seem to start affecting the "present day" as powerful winds sweeping over a city - the indication being the ghosts of the bugs has returned.  I was under the impression the bugs were aliens and intelligent.  Besides the crazy guy there's a medical or psychiatric doctor and 2 other archaeologists - a man and a woman.  I think the bug tomb was found in a subway tunnel or some excavation performed in a city, possibly NYC.
asked Nov 27, 2012 in Name That Movie by usarian (1 point)

2 Answers

Pretty certain it's the 1967 Hammer film QUATERMASS AND THE PIT, released in the U.S. initially as FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH, featuring the popular sci-fi character Dr. Bernard Quatermass:
answered Dec 10, 2012 by Edward Peregrine (736 points)
If it was earlier and in B&W, it could be this series, remade as the color theatrical film:

"Quatermass and the Pit" is a British television science-fiction serial, originally transmitted live by BBC Television in December 1958 and January 1959. It was the third and last of the BBC's Quatermass serials, although the character would reappear in a 1979 ITV production simply entitled "Quatermass". Like its predecessors, "Quatermass and the Pit" was written by Nigel Kneale.

The series continues the loose chronology of the Quatermass adventures, and begins with Professor Bernard Quatermass being forced out of his role at the British Experimental Rocket Group, with the organisation being passed into military control by the British Government. Quatermass and his new colleague Colonel Breen become involved in the discovery of a bizarre object at an archaeological dig in Knightsbridge, London. As the serial progresses, Quatermass and his associates find that the contents of the object have a horrific influence over many of those who come into contact with it. As this influence increases, affecting Quatermass himself, darker implications are revealed about the entire nature and origins of mankind.

You can copy and paste this to watch Part 1 on YouTube:
Quatermass and the Pit: Episode 1
answered Jul 12, 2013 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)