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asked Oct 28, 2014 in Tips & Tricks by NameThatMovie (305 points)
When will this begin? I'm anxious to see the "Expert HQ" category even though there are plenty of mysteries left otherwise.

I continue to review old questions in case I've seen or read about those movies since I last read them.

EDIT: Do you realize how many questions have been answered but aren't marked as that? The answerer used "Comment", not "Answer". It gets frustrating to go to a question, read all that follows then find out it's been correctly answered. Isn't there some way to take those solved questions out of the lineup? You'd be surprised by how many could be moved out of the "Unanswered" category.
Most of this has been in effect for some time, and the rest is now all in effect and ready to use.

Thank you.
Oh! I just spotted the new category on the list! I guess my feeble eyesight is acting up. *grin*
No worries. :)
We still have so many questions that have been answered, but they haven't been marked as BAs or they are comments, not answers. We could weed out so many!

I try to mark BAs whenever possible but can't when the answers are just comments.
Absolutely. It's important to get all these unanswered questions ( properly answered. And it is completely acceptable to change someone's comment to an answer or answer the question yourself, whichever seems most appropriate, if you feel it's the correct answer for the question and this will remove it from the unanswered list.

However, selecting a Best Answer has no affect whatsoever on removing questions from this list and experts should never select their own answer or other expert's answers as the Best Answer, unless they're the one who posted the question, because only the person who originally asked the question should ever select an answer to their own question.

Apologies as I did not explore the issue greatly enough in the past and gave bad information as to how to handle these situations, in addition to giving experts the ability to set BAs.

Fully understand the frustration of people bailing after asking a question or even worse, indicating that an answer was correct and then closing the question or just bailing without actually selecting the answer. This is a problem that will always be constant on all Q&A sites because it comes down to human decision or lack thereof and is not something that can be forced by us or automated by the system.

Know it's tempting to click on that beautiful gold star when you can clearly see that it was answered correctly, but this opens up a can of worms that's simply unmanageable. While some experts were showing excellent judgment in how and when they chose a Best Answer, some were simply answering a question and then immediately selecting their own answer as the Best Answer without any feedback from the questioner whatsoever and that is clearly an ethical issue.

So, while this was always an unwritten rule and an oversight and mistake on our part that experts had this capability, the rule is now set and made clear:

'Only the person who asked the question may decide if an answer is the "Best Answer" or not.'

Appreciate all your hard work, but this was an issue that needed to be fixed. Working on a better way for all experts to communicate with each other now. Keep an eye out for an update on this soon.

Thank you.

1 Answer

Clear — Does not require an answer. Removing from unanswered list.

answered Sep 1, 2015 by NameThatMovie (305 points)