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Be Polite

This point is extremely important to emphasize (hence giving it its own topic).

Many other Q&A platforms, in fact perhaps most other Q&A sites have lost touch with the human element (which was the entire point of these kinds of sites to begin with, helping people) and treat people as data-creating, data-mining robots for an agenda that's more about helping itself than the individual and those that don't produce the best work are treated poorly by others, made to feel inferior, defunct and unwelcome.

That is NOT how we do things around here.

At NameThatMovie, it doesn't matter whether you formulate questions perfectly as outlined in the rules or how experts would prefer you to, we all make mistakes and no one is an automatic NTM aficionado that knows exactly how everything should be done and any such expectation of newcomers is ridiculous.

If you're here genuinely looking for help, to help others or both and are doing so politely and respectfully of others you will be welcomed with warm arms and the rest, you'll learn along the way.



Questioners (especially first-timers) - We only expect of you to do your best to be detailed, to be polite and understand that this is a community, no one here is getting paid and volunteers are here in their free time helping you by choice.

In that same vein, it's also important to understand that the NameThatMovie site itself is free to use and built on open source software. We don't have a budget nor a legion of programmers at our disposal to add every bell and whistle imaginable, though we're open to suggestions and feedback:

We hope you'll do your best to be courteous, to follow up on your question(s) and choose a Best Answer if one is provided. It's a great way to say thank you to those that helped you, although we strongly encourage actually saying "Thank you." as well.

Experts - First of all, thank you, we appreciate you. Even if sometimes you don't feel appreciated by those that you help which will inevitably happen, remember there is no guarantee of a thanks or any kind of compensation.

If you're not answering questions altruistically or for fun, interest, to gain knowledge etc. and are expecting some other kind of gain, if you're here purely, for example, to make questioners feel dumb with your superior knowledge, NTM might not be right for you.

The community actually has higher expectations of you to be even more polite and helpful to others, to make gentle reminders and notes to help others enjoy their experience on NTM, not feel like they're unwelcome because of elitist attitudes like "we don't like the way they're using the community" as if it were our community.

Because it's not our community, there is no us and them, it's everyone's community.

We're all here because we love movies! That's what's most important. :)

Be kind, please rewind.

Thank you.

asked Oct 30, 2014 in Tips & Tricks by NameThatMovie (305 points)
I absolutely agree and take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for launching that great and helpful forum!
You're welcome.
Hey NTM, after [username removed] got mad he kept getting emailed, is there a way to make sure when I post the old ones as answers, for them not to get notification, since they have been answered already? I was afraid someone might get annoyed, and it was my fault for conversating in that thread, and for not doing answer in the first place. I want to make sure as many people come here as possible, and that redoing these won't drive people away.
Receiving notifications is optional every time a user posts on something with a simple and easy checkbox:

"Email me ( if my question is answered or commented on"


"Email me ( if a comment is added after mine"


Regardless, for someone to ask for help and then receive help, there's no apologies necessary for them getting a handful of email notifications for replies on a question they chose to create and request help from others in the community on and were aware they would receive email notices for.

Email notifications are actually very helpful and appreciated by most, but again, completely optional.

With that said the user has asked that their account be deleted, and that's fine, we respect all user's choices and the control of their account/data. Not everyone will enjoy using NameThatMovie and that's okay.

I've cleaned up the question, please add your official answer:

Please don't worry about people getting an email notice when you add your answers. Again, there's nothing inappropriate about that for the great majority of the community.

Some people will become upset no matter what for one reason or another, whether their reaction has merit or not, that's normal and unavoidable.

However, please do utilize and for extended discussion which may be off-topic to a specific question.

Thank you.

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answered Sep 1, 2015 by NameThatMovie (305 points)