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Name of 90s thriller?

The movie is probably from the 90s and as I remember, it was a thriller. It's about a couple where the husband is cheating (or is involved in some other shady business). To get rid of his wife, he manages to get her forcibly admitted to a mental hospital by manipulating her so that she appears to be totally confused. She gets her revenge when she kills her husband when he visits her in the hospital. Because she is a mental patient she isn't sentenced for killing him and since she's not really sick, she will soon be released as a free woman.
asked Dec 18, 2012 in Name That Movie by nikstra (7 points)
Are you sure it wasn't the reverse, with the husband ending up in the hospital and murdering his cheating, manipuative, wicked wife, knowing he won't be convicted because they think he's insane?

It matches a movie from 1993 except for the role reversal.
I was sure until you asked but it's possible that the roles are reversed. What's the name of that movie?

1 Answer

Best answer
"Dream Lover" (1993)
From Wikipedia:
The movie opens on divorce proceedings involving Ray Reardon (James Spader), a successful architect, and his first wife. Shortly after their divorce, he agrees to go to a gallery opening to meet a woman that his friend sets him up with. While he is there, he embarrasses himself by bumping into a woman (Madchen Amick), making her spill wine on herself. She wastes no time verbally abusing him. A week later, he runs into the woman, named Lena Mathers, at the supermarket. She apologizes for her behavior, and the two go to dinner. They have sex the next day, marry shortly thereafter and become parents.
Despite his happiness in the marriage, Ray becomes suspicious after catching Lena in several lies about her past. Over time, Ray becomes increasingly paranoid when his wife begins sporting bruises that she will not explain and begins doing things that indicate that she is having an affair. During a tense confrontation, Lena taunts Ray by claiming to have had an affair with an unnamed friend of his and refusing to tell Ray if their children are biologically his. Ray hits Lena, who then has him arrested and committed to a mental hospital for observation. Despite an attempt to prove that Lena has been lying, the judge finds Ray to be mentally incompetent and orders him held for six months. Shortly after Ray has been committed, Lena privately admits to him that his suspicions about her were correct all along and that she did what she did to get his money.
After Ray convinces one of his friends to tell Lena that she has made a mistake in her "master plan", Lena shows up at his birthday party to talk to him. Ray lures her away from the attendants who are supposed to be supervising him and tells her that having him declared insane was the "mistake" because he could not be held legally accountable for killing her. He then strangles her to death on the lawn.
answered Jul 25, 2013 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Jul 26, 2013 by nikstra
That's the movie I was looking for. Thank you!
You're welcome! This gets asked about a lot. It does have a neat surprise ending, one that most people describing it remember.

Happy movie-watching!