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terror film about a guy who is tortured and sex changed

Movie I think it's from 2000-2010, no one famous and it's independent ( I believe) , the movie starts when a guy wakes up in a homemade jail with just a girls diary , a man, a scientist and his right hand torture him to the point he beleves that he is the girl from the diary , and slowly they change his sex , at the  end they show why the scientist made that, he tried to killed his daughter , and the diary that was on the floor was hers , they were trying to make him believe he was her , and do the same thing he did to her . At the end the guy/girl kills everybody and walks into the streets thinking he is the girl and thinking he/she killed his/her father
asked Feb 1, 2015 in Name That Movie by luisdr22 (1 point)

2 Answers

"The Skin I Live in" aka  "La piel que habito" (2011)
starring Antonio Banderas and Jan Cornet
From Wikipedia:
Vera, too, dreams about the same event: Vicente, a young man who works in his mother's dress shop, crashes the wedding and meets Norma. The two start to have sex in the garden, but Norma, hearing the song she sung as a child the day her mother committed suicide, has a panic attack and bites Vicente, in order to make him stop. He knocks her unconscious, fleeing the scene, just as Robert arrives.
Robert tracks Vicente down, kidnaps him, and subjects him to sex reassignment surgery. Over a period of six years, Robert physically transforms Vicente into a replica of his late wife, calling him Vera.
answered Feb 1, 2015 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
answered Jan 28 by pori (747 points)