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Black and White Movies - need help identifying a few titles

I'm trying to find out the names of a bunch of old black and white movies that I've seen about ten mins each of in my work on a reel but its on silent in the background and none of the staff knows what the titles are.  

A girl (maybe Hepburn?) hides under a car, is seen baking in a snowy paris, and writes a suiside note saying "PS tell David not to come to my funeral"

A woman is dancing and singing, wearing a black gown appears drunk and takes of her gloves and jewels and throws them into the tables, then gets pulled away and argues with a man in a suit who then slaps her.

Movie is set in a newspaper office where they have to push through little gates all the time, the woman is dressed in a matching skirt jacket and hat all covered in diagonal strips.

Any help identifying is much appreciated, there are some more movies, but I get them all jumbled as they're on constantly in the background!  Thanks!
asked Jul 12, 2012 in Name That Movie by lorro (6 points)

2 Answers

Newspaper office film is HIS GIRL FRIDAY.  Woman with the gloves could be Hitchcock's CHAMPAGNE or Rita Hayworth in GILDA or 600 other films, sorry.  When you say the 3rd film has a girl baking in a snowy Paris, do you mean baking cookies indoors?  This last one doesn't come easily to mind.  Anything else you remember about it?
answered Jul 12, 2012 by Normabates666 (89 points)
im looking for an old black and white film I saw a kid on cbc late night movies in the late 1980s. The story revolved around a blonde woman who discovered vast sums of money openly strewn everywhere in jars, cans, etc., belonging to the mysterious man. I remember one scene in which the blonde woman took a bath and she noticed a can full of money bills. Can you help me identify this movie and this movie has a 1960's feel to it.
Thank you so much.  Figured out today the baking one is Sabrina.  She actually signs Sabrina on the suiside note to that was fairly obvious!  And you were 100% on the other 2.  Now I just need to watch the other clips more closely to pick up some info on them!    Great help normabates666!
answered Jul 13, 2012 by lorro (6 points)
So next on the list is another Black and White.  This one is a scene from what appears to be a New Years Eve party, a masquerade ball.  Everyone has black eye masks on.  There is a woman with what looks like a cow girl outfit (all fringes on a vest) and 2 guys in tuxedos with white bow ties and some characters in sail boat Captains uniforms.  One of the bow tie guys gets a letter telling him the laundry can be collected from the Hotel Centranio (or something like this, think this is where it is set.) Then it's midnight and among the revelry, 2 girls on the bartop remove a mans mask to give him a kiss and he falls to the floor dead.