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i need help with this

ok this is an older movie there is these guys who go camping in the woods and while camping they here on the radio that a guy stold money and has got away and then they see his parachute land and they go find him then one of the men shoot him and they all split the money and then they all start dying one at a time and they get greedy about the money one dies of a heart attack and one dies by fallen in the river and one dies by falling off the mountian and at the end one has frostbite on his feet and cant walk so a guy goes for help and thats the end

asked Jun 22, 2016 in Name That Movie by Tristen2525 (1 point)
This sounds a lot like "A Simple Plan" although some details are off.

1 Answer

"Deliver Us from Evil" (1973 TV movie)

From IMDb review: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

A group of hikers hear on a radio about a skyjacker taking over an airplane and collecting a ransom. Soon thereafter they see a parachutist coming down in the mountains near them. When they run across a lone hiker, they chase him and one of the hikers shoots him to death. Sure enough, the lone hiker is the skyjacker and his backpack has $600,000.00 in it.

The group debates about what to do and decides to split the money and go home and say nothing. (Sort of a mountain version of "Deliverance"--of which it is certainly derivative--meets "A Simple Plan"). Of course along the way nature starts punishing them for their sins and the hikers face increasingly difficult obstacles which kill them off one by one until, crossing a glacier in a snow storm two of them abandon their packs heavy with money while the greediest stays behind, refusing to give up the money but being forced to try and burn it to keep from freezing to death.

George Kennedy, Bradford Dillman, Jack Weston and Jan-Michael Vincent all give good performances in this movie. "A Simple Plan" told a similar story but about 25 years after "Deliver Us From Evil" did but didn't necessarily tell the story any better.


answered Jul 14, 2016 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)