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Movie about young man mental illness hallucinations on Lifetime/LMN imagines dead financé or wife is real and tried to keep him in the house

Movie on Lifetime LMN there is a guy and he has hallucinations of a no longer living wife he is in this house I guess she lived in and keeps having hallucinations one where he is locked in a basemen he also imagines she is real and tells him what to do he joins the company of a real young woman and the one he is hallucinating about says something like she won't want you or something to distance the two and keep on inside the house

in one of the hallucinations maybe a dream he is being gassed in the basement he gets locked in and is going to pass out or worse and he wakes up in the bed another hallucination he has in a bathtub I believe and he is trying to call the real girl I believe she was a student character because she said something like I'm at school I don't know that's all i know we saw some of it back in June 2016 last month on LMN lifetime channel and wanted to find it again don't know if u can help or not but I thank you for your time also the wife seems to belittle him saying that the other girlfriend the living one won't want him I really want to find this movie please thank you.

 asked 13 hours ago in Name That Movie by RandyRobbins (1 point)

   I think it might be apparition also known as Remorse which came on LMN Lifetime channel i recived this information via yahoo I am in the process of checking this out in the meantime if you think it could be something else let me know don't know the year but believe it was recent I saw it in June 2016  there was a scene in the movie where he was in the basement hallucinating being gassed and locked in if that scene is in the movie then I can confirm it is it again it may not be lifetime made but it did air on the LMN channel if someone who has seen remorse/apparition could confirm this thanks for your continued support finding this title is getting the best of me and my nerves lmao

asked Jul 10, 2016 in Name That Movie by RandyRobbins (3 points)
Some aspects of your description resemble the movie DREAM HOUSE, starring Daniel Craig...see .

1 Answer

I think I just answered this elsewhere.

Yes, that film is titled "Remorse" aka "Apparition" (2015). What can be confusing is that a film titled "The Apparition" sometimes shows up; the subject matter is entirely different.

As I recall, LMN does show this film as "Remorse". I keep trying to tune in so that I can videotape it but haven't had any luck so far. After seeing it, I kept thinking about it, so I know there must be something extra to it; I'd watched a similarly themed movie before seeing "Remorse" and thought I was in for more of the same. I was surprised by how much I liked it.

I've seen a lot of people searching for it at various movie question sites. Maybe it will become a cult film!
answered Jul 11, 2016 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)