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What is this movie called?

It is about this girl in high school who has lost all her friends after calling the cops at a party because she was raped by a guy she liked. She was in the 'popular group'. She hates school but finds relief in art class. She becomes good friends with her art teacher. And he is very kind and encouraging. One day while she is walking around the school she finds a little room behind the cleaning cupboard. She eventually cleans it out and brings in things from home to make it her own little room. She hangs all her paintings up in the little room.

Her art teacher gave everyone an assignment to draw something. The class had to pick out a piece of paper with the object on it. Her paper had a tree on it. She then had to make a tree and perfect it. The paintings and drawings she had hung up in her little room were all of trees. One day she desires to show her art teacher. And he is amazed. Although the teacher leaves at the end of the year.

The guy who raped her bullies her and eventually shows up in her little room. He tries to do it again but she defends herself. She yells and screams. People hear and quickly go in the room to help her. There's a happy ending. Haha.
asked Jul 12, 2016 in Name That Movie by MillieBov (12 points)

1 Answer

Best answer

Full movie is on Youtube here:

Ca. at the 1:24:10 mark you can see her showing the tree drawings to the art teacher in her little room. And right after that the guy who raped her confronts her in the little room.
answered Jul 12, 2016 by casspir (19,731 points)
selected Jul 15, 2016 by MillieBov
I am sure this is the movie you are looking for. If you agree, please select my answer above as Best Answer by clicking on the yellow star next to my answer above. Thanks.
Yes! Omg, thank you so much! I've been wanting to find this movie for 5 months but could never remember the name and I remember now that it had Kristen Stewart in it :)