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80'/90' tv show about a troubled teenage girl that ends up living with a family of a cop

I remember watching it as a teen myself, which means it's late 80' or the 90'. A tv show about a troubled teenage girl, a rock/metal/punk type of girl. I remember her leather jacket. She likes to make photos and has difficulties when she tries to belong this place. I don't know how she got in this situation but she lives in a strangers family, the father is a cop, he has a son about her age. I only remember pieces of different episodes. For ex one where she becomes a radio host and her new "brother" calls and he admits that he did smth illegally, maybe pirating music or movies...then the father, who is a cop wants her to give him the tape where that is recorded. The "brother" is mad at her because he knows his father will recognise him. Another episode is when she falls for a guy in school, he seems different like her. They go to hang out together and end up making UFO circles on a farm's land which also is making problems in the city. She and him has some kind of fight and she drops a photo on the school corridor for him to see. It's the photo of his breath (it was winter). She explained that she wanted to snap a photo of him but he turned so she won't be able to do that, instead his breath got photographed. I think they got together for a short period of time but then in another episode she says that he's not who she thought he is. Another episode is about snowboarding, she goes to photograph one of the highschoolers while snowboarding, they don't really get along and i have no idea why she needed those photos but i remember him picking a spot where there was a sign not to pass, he threw that sign and they went there anyway. He got into an accident while snowboarding and they end up in a shelter in those mountians. Maybe an old cottage for hunter. She waits for someone to rescue them but then he admits no one will since it's a restricted are. They have time to settle their differences. 

A typical teenage tv show about fitting in and making friends while being different. I hope someone will find it. It bugs me for years now. I keep remember moments from this tv show but i can't remember anything that will help me find it. Also I want to add, i thought she was adopted but I am not sure. 

asked Aug 19, 2016 in Name That TV Show by CristinaTengwar (70 points)

1 Answer

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answered Aug 19, 2016 by VHS_Lives (11,118 points)
selected Aug 31, 2016 by CristinaTengwar