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1970s-80s short horror stories: girl gets stuck on escalator and dies. Woman loses both legs when pulled out from underneath a car.

I have vague memories of this, but im pretty sure both stories were in the same movie. A teenage girl gets stuck on an escalator  (i think by her pearl necklace) she screams for help, her boyfriend  (working at the mall)jumps over a counter to get to her. He's too late to save her, the camera cuts away to show loose pearls,  blood and hair. Another short story: a boy is playing with a ball, he runs after it in the street. A car dodges the boy and runs over a woman walking on the sidewalk. She comes to and as she tries to get out from underneath the car, some sharp object falls suddenly and scares her. The paramedics come to save her.   An overhead camera view shows both her legs leeft behind as she screams.  Anything would help thanks.
asked Jan 10, 2017 in Name That Movie by Thelema (1 point)
"The Kiss" seems to fit for the escalator, but the legs scene is unkown to me.

1 Answer

"The Kiss"(1988)


Several people in the film die but almost none of the death scenes are graphic (this applies to the R-rated version)

The main character's mother dies in a violent car accident, and the death is on-screen, and graphic

A young boy is attacked by a small creature which claws his face several times

A young girl is choked by her necklace when it gets caught in the stairs of a mall escalator- we see blood but no graphic wounds

A man is scratched on the chest by a demonic cat

A man spontaneously bursts into flames after his hand starts to smoke and rip open

A young boy is killed in the road by a truck

A man's arm is snapped and broken by a woman

A young child is killed by a monstrous woman

A monstrous woman is hit with a rake, shot with a gun, and impaled on the blade of a hedge-trimmer
answered Jan 10, 2017 by Sandy (7,750 points)
You're totally right! Thank you
You're welcome! If you click on the gold star, it will mark it as the 'correct answer' and remove it from the 'unanswered' list. Thanks!