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A Kate Winslet drama/romance - ending consists of her helping a patient, patient takes a romantic interest in her in the patient room, possibly has an affair with him?

The next thing I remember is the very end, when Kate is talking to a man, and then they go their separate ways? I believe the man takes a train and Kate is staring ahead, pondering about something, then all I remember after that is the movie ending. A little sketchy about the details, as it has been a few years. I've looked through a list of Kate Winslet movies and no titles ring a bell, except maybe "Finding Neverland," but I'm not sure that's the one. The movie didn't seem like that kind of a movie to me. I thought I remember the title being one that sounded similar to that, no other movie titles of hers rings a bell. I don't remember what other actors played in the movie with Kate. If you're an avid Kate Winslet fan, you might be able to answer this. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
asked May 20, 2017 in Name That Movie by Indigo (8 points)
You are 100% sure it is Kate Winslet and not someone like Kiera Knightly?
I'm almost positive it was Kate Winslet. I remember seeing her and being like "oh that's Kate Winslet" and thinking how the only other movie of hers I'd ever seen was The Titanic. Since then I've watched Revolutionary Road, Little Children, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the endings of those don't match up to what I saw so I think I can rule those out. It was on TV and I only caught the ending. It's possible she wasn't even a doctor or nurse and was something else as I didn't know what was going on, but it appeared that what she was doing in that scene was helping a patient I believe in a slightly darker or dully-lit room, either giving him some medicine or giving a shot, maybe a band-aid, something like that. I might rent all her movies and just find out that way if I don't find out the title before then.
Or I can even just watch the ending scenes of all her movies on YouTube.

1 Answer

could it be The English Patiant?
answered Jul 20, 2017 by bbdegraw (62 points)