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80's to early 90's detective gangster movie starring only kids portraying adults

Here's a few key aspects that I know or can remember:

- It was on VHS and was never a Hollywood release, small budget, shot on a camcorder, most likely a small project with limited release
- I found this movie in the bargain bin at Blockbuster in 2000 when they were getting rid of all their VHS and it used to be in the children/ educational section. It had a proper cover and labeling so it was not a one-off single copy pet project
- The main child actor/ detective was a black kid who wore glasses and a brown trench coat, probably about 11-14 years old. His assigned partner was a quick-witted black girl, taller than he was but the same age, maybe a little older. They had the typical guy/ girl cop banter like you see in all buddy cop movies. He doesn't want her as a partner, yet she's assigned to the case with him... that sort of thing.
- I'm pretty sure the name of the movie was the above male characters name
- This movie was intended for kids but had a lot of hilarious dialog and interactions since the kids were pretending to be adults
- A few scenes include:

  • A scene at a bar where the main character is drinking milk
  • the bad guys/ gangsters in the movie own and run a speak easy with dancers and gambling
  • there's a variety of shootouts in the movie where I THINK all the flashes from the gun shots are replaced with BANGS and POWS like in 60s Batman shows.
asked Oct 31, 2017 in Name That Movie by degraph (6 points)
Nope, unfortunately that's not it. Thanks for the reply though!

1 Answer

Best answer
Hawk Jones

That took hours to find. Bugsy Malone was what led me to it. Enjoy
answered Nov 1, 2017 by VHS_Lives (11,098 points)
selected Nov 1, 2017 by degraph
BINGO! Hahahahaha! Nice job, thanks!