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Late 90's or early 00's movie with psycho girl

I watched this movie maybe 9-10 years ago, and I'm trying to find it for 3 or 4 years, and can't find it for the sake of my life. I also asked  here 2 times last year and this user here commented that he knew the movie but couldn't remember it's name. And this is the closest I got, I tried every possible way I know, no luck so far. So anyway, the movie:
It's about a young girl with her father that moves in this town, starts to go in new school and soon befriends this goth-like girl that dismiss classes, drinks and smokes. Soon this goth-like girl (brunette) starts doing some bad things and kinda trying to ruin this other girl (blonde) life, like when she kills a guy in a hotel and wearing a blonde wig, so the police will suspect this other blonde girl. And then she killed some other girl. Then the girl and her father found that this goth girl was a psycho, and I don't know how the movie goes but I remember this psycho girl was in love with the others girl father and at the end all three were in some abandoned public swimming pool, where this psycho girl tries to kill this other girl and her father shot the psycho girl and that was the end I think. There is this part in the movie where they question if the goth girl exist at all because she disappears at a moment.
Another details of the movie is the goth girl hanging out at cemetery.  Both girls were young probably 13-15 years, and I think it's TV movie. The movie was clearly American or maybe Canadian.
asked Jan 24, 2018 in Name That Movie by Nokturnal (3 points)
Yes @fish it sounds like and has similarities but unfortunately it's far from this movie I and @katsr4me are looking for. In this movie the two girls are teenagers and I don't remember there were any major stars in it. Thanks, every answer is welcome, maybe some similar movie will lead us to finaly find it. :)
No man, thank you. Nothing with spirits, ghosts, etc.  Ortodox search doesn't help, it just gives me all this movies that all of you mentioned.  I've searched on IMDb advanced search - Tytle Type: Feature Film, TV Movie; Genre: Drama; Release Date: 1995-2008; Language: English and checked over 2000 titles and there are 11.000 more.  I hope katsr4me writes soon, he is the only hope now 'cause he watched this movie on youtube.  BTW @VHS_Lives can you tell me some channels for free movies so I can search, maybe I'll have the luck.
Sorry man, I don't know any sites like that. If you wouldn't mind, would you watch the trailer for "within"....the plot summary is kind of misleading.
I watched it right away, it's not the movie.