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Horror with a pair of serial killer brothers

Date: Probably 2000 and up.
Country of origin: Unknown, mostly Caucasian actors, Hungarian dubbing.

It's about a pair of brothers who are serial killers. They are middle aged or young adults.
They live in a house, in a woody area. The older and bigger brother takes the victims home, kills them, chops them up and the younger brother does the cleaning. The younger brother was slightly retarded and had a speech impediment. His name was something like Toby or Doby.
For some reason the older brother doesn't kill a woman he took home, but instead forces her to be a part of the cleanup crew, alongside his younger brother.

It's not:
American Gothic (1988).
Born Killers (2005).
Chained (2012).
Dead Ringers (1988).
Frailty (2001).
House of Wax (2005).
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 (1990).
The Hamiltons (2006).
asked Aug 27, 2019 in Name That Movie by lavina (811 points)
It's a negative and the questioner restated that he remembers one of the brothers is called Toby or Doby.
Any extra info would be helpful. I am struggling. Kidnap and kill was main plot?
I think it was the main plot, the back and forth has been going on since March so I don't think he'll be able remember more than what we have.
I will keep digging through the backwoods schlock. Hopefully something turns up soon...i haven't been right in ages on anything. will post soon...   VHS
Let's try blood salvage, even though no doby or toby. The names may have changed for hungary.....

Kane Hodder had one similar too...old 37

heres a huge list of backwoods they may need to venture through

1 Answer

I'm almost positive you are speaking about A Simple Plan (1998)

answered Aug 30, 2019 by z0ne_tripper (106 points)
I hope you are right, but I've seen A Simple Plan and I'll get a thousand yard stare if he says it's it. :)
Waiting for the questioner's reply.
I've got a reply, but it didn't address The Simple Plan suggestion, instead he said the story is similar to that of Carver (2008) and that the mentally retarded younger brother looks like Wentworth Miller, but it's not him.
I was theorizing it was some backwoods horror, which makes me think maybe "small town folk"
I was really hopeful about Small Town Folk because one of the characters is called Dobbin but it's not it. Thanks anyway!