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A man voluntarily goes to a nazi concentration camp instead of another to save him.

Date: Beginning of the 80s.
Country of origin: It aired on a Hungarian tv channel with Hungarian dubbing.

A single man voluntarily takes the place of a married man with kids, who is about to be taken to a nazi concentration camp.
Before they part ways, they agree to meet again in the future, at a certain place on a certain date.
The guy who was saved, goes to the prearranged location on the given date, many years later.
He is gazing at strangers, he asks a few of them if they are his saviour but the man doesn't show up.
There is very little talking in the movie, the audio is mostly just environmental city noise.
It's possible that the musical piece "Adagio" from Tomaso Albinoni is used in it as a soundtrack.
The title of the movie is a single word, the name of the volunteer.

It's not Life for Life: Maximilian Kolbe (1991).
asked Mar 5, 2020 in Name That Movie by lavina (811 points)
edited Mar 5, 2020 by lavina
After searching for almost an hour, I think this may be foreign, but only found searching in a language other than english. It could be a mini-series, silent film, or tv episode or special. This one made my brain hurt and I still failed...sorry lavina. Hopefully cass can help
I also searched for it, tried different ways of searching and it came up with no results. As VHS said, this may be a foreign film. Sorry, lavina. :(
No worries. Thanks to the both of you, for looking into it.
Lavina, can you read czech? Could it be this? I can only find czech write ups on it...
I can't read Czech but I've forwarded it and it's a negative. Worthy try though.
I get many results when I search in czech, polish, german, and hungarian. I just cannot read those languages to know what exactly these terms have produced under the search criteria, as imdb is in english, but these are straight google searches ti the best of what I can translate to create them...