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Can someone help me recall the name of this movie(details under more information)?

It has an ancient time setting. Some villains captured nearly an entire village. Along the way to turn in their captured, they pass a little girl who puts fear in their hearts by prophesying their doom. They walk the captured through a group of old ladies who paint them blue. They then cut off the head of one for a cheering crowd who watches the head roll down the front of a temple.  When they go to cut off this one guys head, there is a full eclipse. The guy winds up running zig zag with a friend to get away from arrows the villains were shooting at them. He gets shot, but gets away. The villains pursue him. A panther eats one of the villains. He goes back for his pregnant wife & child, he stashed away to prevent them from being captured. She gave birth while holding one child above the water that was slowly filling the whole in the Earth they were hiding in.
asked Aug 5, 2012 in Name That Movie by dst41love (10 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
I didn't have a clue of what movie you were talking about until you said "The guy winds up running zig zag with a friend to get away from arrows the villains were shooting at them." I think this movie is "APOCALYPTO"
answered Aug 5, 2012 by Mr.Major (27 points)
selected Aug 6, 2012 by dst41love
That is it!!! Thank you Mr.Major! My son kept talking about it & going on & on until I wanted to watch it again, but couldn't remember the name for anything! Smh. Thanks a lot!
I'm glad to help!