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What is the name of a movie about a futuristic nazi/socialist dystopian society about a girl with a red ribbon and a worker who defies the state and is beaten for it?

I saw a clip of a movie in a Youtube video for a heavy metal song (I'll put a link at the end).  The video is not an official release for the band, and the poster has not replied to my question about the title of the movie.

The movie is heavy with CGI, dark setting.  

From what I can tell, there's a bald man who works in a television factory who somehow winds up as a fugitive running from a dictatorship (probably nazi, there appears to be a strong patriotism/nationalism theme, but alot of red flags and soviet-style propaganda, so it may be socialist/communist dictatorship).  

There is a war happening - one scene shows a woman (possibly his wife) in a field while B29-esque bombers fly overhead, another scene shows a bombed out city, and another scene shows the bald man throwing sand at a small tank (which may be how he ends up being hunted by the government).

Another scene shows him after being captured, in a large plaza being beaten by soldiers.  He is wearing an orange Guantanamo prison suit, and the soldiers are all in black, reminiscent of the SS.

Another scene shows the woman from the field being blindfolded, then shot by a firing squad, then we see a little girl in a red dress (presumably the daughter) holding the woman's corpse while a man in a suit watches from the balcony of a tall tower.

It seems like it may be one of the most amazing movies ever made, definite strong political / social allegory.  Would love to know what it was called.

The clip i saw it in is at:
asked May 25, 2014 in Name That Movie by Lysergix (2 points)
Are you sure it is a movie? I am pretty sure that what you see in the clip is not from a movie, it was made specifically for this video clip of that metal band. It is "only" a well made video clip with pretty visuals and high production value and not a movie.
If I am wrong and it turns out that this is indeed from a movie, then this movie must be a yet to be premiered movie.