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A suggestion regarding voting and point gain/losses

I suggest that as other users vote up/down a post or comment, that the user's points go up or down accordingly. (Although this may be too similar to Reddit's system)
asked Jun 10, 2012 in Feedback & Suggestions by Vardox (8 points)
Thank you for the suggestion. We'll let NameThatMovie settle in for a while longer, a few months at least and see how it goes. Ultimately, the community will decide, so if this and other suggestions receive enough upvotes they'll definitely be considered.
One thing that has proven to be as frustrating as other sites where I answer questions is that few people seem to return to check answers. And, some of the ones who say that, yes, it's the right answer then do not chose them as Best Answers. While it's nice knowing that we helped, it's an "ego boo" or pat on the back, so to speak, to see that star. It makes it official.

Also, it's frustrating to click on questions only to find they've been answered. Is there any way that you can signify when a question has been awarded Best Answer so that would-be answerers can bypass them? i'm rather a newbie on the Net, so I'm not sure what is possible.

I suppose that there will never be a way to get people to return, even when they've obviously received an email~unlss they opted not to I suppose.

Oh well... I'm having fun here!
You are quite right that it's impossible to MAKE anyone be courteous, they either are or they aren't. This isn't even an internet issue, it's a global issue in every aspect of life. We can't rewind the clock and make their parents teach them good manners.

It's a basic (and unfortunate) truth that most people are selfish and once they get what they want they'll never return to the site again. However, since this is an issue that effects all movie experts, it is a fair playing field.

As far as answering questions that haven't already been answered, there are many listed here:

We'll look into seeing if we can't make questions in general overall, appear more prominently, an indicator when they've already had an answer chosen.

We COULD make it so that questions that have received a Best Answer are automatically closed, but this would result in cutting people off from further engaging in discussion or from making corrections and so on.

For now, the best surefire way to browse questions with no Best Answer is to use the list.

Thank you.
Not finding any answers on questions listed under There are some comments, descriptions and follow up edits by the questioner on some that may appear as answers at first glance, but no actual answers.

We've added a special watermark for answers to define a distinction, see:


1 Answer

The voting system is disabled. Here's why:
answered Sep 1, 2015 by NameThatMovie (305 points)