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Trying to find title of fantasy family movie involving clothing that transports kids

Hi, I'm hoping for help, I' e been trying for a few years. I believe it was 80's or early 90's. Kids fantasy. It involved 3 kids I believe, maybe / girls one boy. They were on a ship, and there was a magic wardrobe so that when they tried on the clothes, they were transported to a different location. They then had to work to figure out the problem and to get back to the ship.  There was danger and adventure. In the end the ship floats thru the air, happy ending. I remember seeing it at blockbuster, so it was a fairly popular movie for its time. Any ideas? THANKS!!!
asked Jul 26, 2014 in Name That Movie by Ccooney63 (1 point)
Were there any pirates you can remember, or is that the wrong kind of ship?
I'm sure your right about what you remember, but to me it sounds like you mixed up 2 movies. Well, they are not actually movies, but the BBC had its own version of the "Chronicles of Narnia" back in the early 90s on old Disney channel. It came on in installments so each book was broken up into several different episodes. But if you watch them all together its like one gigantic movie.  I sometimes watched them out of order so its possible taht maybe you think its one movie but really its several stories mixed together.

In "The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe" the 4 kids try on the coats, go to the back of the wardrobe and walk into Narnia, in the woods in the snow.

In "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" 2 of the original kids plus a new boy go back to Narnia through getting sucked into a painting them are dropped in the water next to the ship. Then they sail with Prince Caspian on the ship through many adventures. In the end, not the ship, but a smaller boat floats up into the air. (which is actually the character in the boat going to heaven)

The only thing that doesn't fit is you say its only one movie. But I thought I'd try. And also you saying it was at blockbuster, I never saw it there and I went there every friday night in the 1990s haha.