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Group Of Teenagers Enter a Building, Evil Force Begins To Kill Them

I really only saw the trailer like once. If I had to guess, I'd assume the movie was made between the last 90s and early 2000s. A bunch of teenagers enter an building where a man once tortured and killed several people. He wears some kind of hood with a giant animal skull over his face. I really can't explain much more as I don't remember the whole trailer, but if I saw it again, I would definitely recognize it. Feel free to post links to trailers that might even remotely resemble what I'm talking about. One last thing, though. It's an American film. There was a British film that closely resembled this, but I'm 110% sure the movie I'm looking for is American.

Wanted to watch this shit for years, but I don't know the name.
Thanks in advance.
asked Oct 21, 2014 in Name That Movie by JustHelpMe (1 point)
Are you sure it was a skull and not a pig/sheep/goat mask? Do you know what movie the trailer was on? Do you know the name of the british one?
I started watching the British one the other day on Crackle, so maybe I can find out the name. And about the mask thing..I was pretty sure it was a steer skull, but I could definitely be wrong. It's been a long time since I saw the trailer. And sadly, I do NOT remember what movie the trailer was from. I wish I did because that would help A LOT.

Give me a few minutes to find out the name of the British one. And as for the British one, I'm not sure if they are directly related, so it might not even help.
If I remember anything else about it, I'll be sure to post it here.
The name of the British movie I was referring to is called The Devil's Chair.
There's some other information I didn't throw in because I'm not certain if it's entirely precise, but I'll go ahead and post it here anyway.

I think the movie is based on a guy who was a serial killer when he was alive and the building they're in was like his "lair" if you will. And he'd kill them in all sorts of ways. Well, anyway, I guess he died and this group of kids comes to investigate the place. I'm not sure if they KNEW it was the guy's lair or not, but eventually something brings him back into existence and he starts killing off the kids.

Other images I remember..I remember bleeding walls..uh, I remember seeing the man with the skull mask standing in a room and..maybe ashes?..were falling down all around. And that's about it.

Like I said, I really enjoyed watching the trailer, at least. Not sure if the movie itself is any good, but it's been bugging the hell out of me for years.

And just to clarify, when I say kids, I actually mean closer to their twenties.
What makes you believe the British one is related to your film? For example Plot? Movie title? Themes? Might help narrow it down.
Honestly, there's no real resemblance between the British one and the American one aside from the Demon and Asylum-like aspect. I'm not a hundred percent sure if it's an asylum in the movie I'm looking for or just the place where the guy committed his murders.

Anyway, I thought the two films were related at first because I noticed the hooded man wearing a skull mask. However, after skipping through the film, I discovered the films are probably not related in any way. But I figured at least the image of the hooded man  might jog someone's memory.

I just want to note that the hooded figure in the British flick is actually a demon whereas I BELIEVE the hooded figure from the American one actually used to be a human man at one point.